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Redalyc 3.0 beta versión

The stable version of Redalyc 3.0 will be released in February 2017. Nowadays, the results of the tagging of scientific articles are shown through the Marcalyc free tool, launched in its first version on September 1st, 2016, and that is… Continue Reading →

August 4, 2016: 1st session of the Certification Course in XML JATS

On August 4, the first of four sessions of the XML JATS Certification web course was carried out. Said course had the purpose of introducing editors to the advantages of this tagging system, the phases of its development, the tagging… Continue Reading →

The new ALyC: XML JATS publishing model

Connecting to the South with global science. The new publishing model in ALyC, non-commercial, collaborative and sustainable. redalycnuevomodelopublicacion2016-1

New Publishing Model in Redalyc Video

Free of charge certification course. Sign up!

On August 4, Redalyc will give an XML JATS certification course of 4 modules, so that editors know the advantages of this tagging system, every phase of its development, the tagging modules with the available tools in Latin America (Annotum,… Continue Reading →

Redalyc joins XML JATS4R (JATS for Reuse). For Redalyc the reuse of XML JATS files is essential, both as input, for taking advantage of the XML JATS that the journal already has, and to share with other platforms those that… Continue Reading →

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