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Second certification course: The new electronic publication model and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS tagging

On November 24, the first session of the second XML JATS certification web course was carried out by Redalyc, in which Arianna Becerril, Director of Technology and Innovation and Salvador Chávez, Director of Documentation and Content of Redalyc described the… Continue Reading →

What is XML?

EXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a language of free license that is used to store data in a legible way. It emerged from the necessity of storing a huge quantity of information. It is thought to be a universal standard… Continue Reading →

Free of charge certification course. Sign up!

On August 4, Redalyc will give an XML JATS certification course of 4 modules, so that editors know the advantages of this tagging system, every phase of its development, the tagging modules with the available tools in Latin America (Annotum,… Continue Reading →

What is XML JATS?

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