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International standards of scientific journals’ editorial quality

The editorial criteria that scientific journals must accomplish to become part of some indexes or databases are parameters for the evaluation of the journals in terms of the scientific rigor of their processes, the transparency of their methods, and other… Continue Reading →

Editorial criteria that must be applied for the improvement in the editorial management of a scientific journal.

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The group of characteristics, qualitative or quantitative, in the publication of a scientific journal, must be regulated or normalized to value and measure the condition and situation of a journal in its institution, country, region, and worldwide.  These regulated characteristics… Continue Reading →

Editorial workflow using the technological infrastructure of Redaltc/AmeliCA based on the XML JATS

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The implementation of the electronic publication model based on XML in Redalyc/AmeliCA offers many advantages and gives added value in every stage of the editorial workflow carried out by the scientific journals. As the first diagram of the image shows,… Continue Reading →

Benefits for the journal in Redalyc

It gives each article on the web more visibility.  It allows the indexing and recovery of the full text of a document. It provides the automatic generation of different output formats ((HTML, PDF, ePUB). It makes available the printout with… Continue Reading →

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