With the adoption of the publication methodology based on the XML JATS, Redalyc assumed the responsibility of using this technology and contribute to the editors of scientific journals to take their editorial processes more efficiently and completely.

To this, different training courses have been designed, they are aimed at editors and their editorial team, so that they not only learn the use of necessary technological tools, but also consider their use to strengthen their editorial processes and focus their efforts on the generation of knowledge of high social and academic impact of their publications.

Among the courses given regularly, we find the ones carried out as part of the training courses program for the use of the Marcalyc XML JATS tagging system. These training courses are given daily to editors who request them and training courses for groups are carried out regularly, where they can learn about the use of this tagging tool and the immediate and automatic generation of various reading products (PDF, HTML, ePUB). One of the approaches is the possibility to modify the publication processes, making the tagging of the articles, generating automatically the output formats, and allowing the immediate publication, economizing time and costs in the layout process of the PDF format.

Within these trainings focused on the flow of the editorial processes of a scientific journal, some of them are mentioned:

The use of a tool such as Marcalyc, apart from making the tagging process with the aim of getting the different reading products of a scientific article, also allows the exhaustive revision of accepted documents for their publication, verifying automatically the relation between the quoting and the bibliographic references, calls for notes, calls for figures and charts and the presence of various elements in the structure of a scientific article. This contributes significantly to the quality control processes of the content to be published.