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Training courses focused on the flow of the editorial processes of a scientific journal

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With the adoption of the publication methodology based on the XML JATS, Redalyc assumed the responsibility of using this technology and contribute to the editors of scientific journals to take their editorial processes more efficiently and completely. To this, different… Continue Reading →

Thinking beyond paper and PDF formats

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Since the firsts scientific journals were created in the 17th Century in Europe, such as the Journal des Scavants from France (January 5, 1665) and the Philosophical Transactions from the  Royal Society in England (March 6, 1665), until the present… Continue Reading →

Knowledge database on epidemics/pandemics of journals in AmeliCA/Redalyc

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Facing a worldwide health contingency, the fundamental function of Open Access is authenticated: bringing knowledge to all corners of the world allows science to be accessible, quick, and timely so that its contribution can be reflected in the improvement of… Continue Reading →

Marcalyc User Manual

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Dear editor, we put at your disposal the Marcalyc User Manual, Redalyc technology, to facilitate its use in the XML-JATS tagging system. Marcalyc User ManualDownload

The development of the Marcalyc inference Assistant of Redalyc is part of the actions that Redalyc takes on the commitment with the Open Access consolidation and the technological sustainability of this movement, enriching the catalog of products and services that… Continue Reading →

Presentation of the Marcalyc Inferences Assistant: XML JATS automatic tagging

On January 23rd, through a webinar session, the Marcalyc Inference Assistant was presented: XML JATS automatic tagging. The presentation was in charge of Eliana Guzmán Useche, from the University of the Andes, Venezuela and Daniel Francisco Flores García, from the… Continue Reading →

Presentation of the software for the import / export of Marcalyc-AmeliCA XML to OJS

.  As part of the activities scheduled for the International Open Access Week, from October 21 to 27, the software for the import/export of Marcalyc-AmeliCA XML to OJS was presented, a development by Redalyc and AmeliCA.  The software for the… Continue Reading →

Redalyc editors constantly trained in Marcalyc

Since its launch in September 2016, training on the Marcalyc XML JATS tagging tool has been given in a face-to-face and virtual way, to Redalyc editors who have requested their accounts to access this system. A total of 298 personalized… Continue Reading →

Training courses to Ibero-American editors on the use of Marcalyc

The training for Redalyc editors who already use or want to start using the XML JATS #Marcalyc Tagging tool have remained constant since its launch in September 2016. Every day, there is a space from 2 to 3 hours used… Continue Reading →

Marcalyc | Version 2.0.14

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Redalyc continues to improve the XML JATS tagging tool #Marcalyc, offered without charge to nearly 1,300 scientific journals it indexes. The more recent update, launched in February of this year, presents the following updates: All dates of the evaluation process… Continue Reading →

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