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Contribution of Redalyc in the professionalization of the editor of scientific journals on the use of XML JATS

Since 2015 when Redalyc.org began the adoption of the electronic publication model based on XML JATS, the development of technology that would allow to carry out the implementation of this model was established as a priority, with special emphasis on… Continue Reading →

What is XML?

EXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a language of free license that is used to store data in a legible way. It emerged from the necessity of storing a huge quantity of information. It is thought to be a universal standard… Continue Reading →

Benefits for the journal in Redalyc

It gives each article on the web more visibility.  It allows the indexing and recovery of the full text of a document. It provides the automatic generation of different output formats ((HTML, PDF, ePUB). It makes available the printout with… Continue Reading →

What is XML JATS?

Redalyc joins XML JATS4R (JATS for Reuse). For Redalyc the reuse of XML JATS files is essential, both as input, for taking advantage of the XML JATS that the journal already has, and to share with other platforms those that… Continue Reading →

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