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Thinking beyond paper and PDF formats

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Since the firsts scientific journals were created in the 17th Century in Europe, such as the Journal des Scavants from France (January 5, 1665) and the Philosophical Transactions from the  Royal Society in England (March 6, 1665), until the present… Continue Reading →

Training courses to Ibero-American editors on the use of Marcalyc

The training for Redalyc editors who already use or want to start using the XML JATS #Marcalyc Tagging tool have remained constant since its launch in September 2016. Every day, there is a space from 2 to 3 hours used… Continue Reading →

Taking advantage of colors, graphics, and photographs…

In a PDF generated from the Marcalyc tagging in XML JATS, a PDF that takes advantage of original elements of text and maximizes its exposition is generated. The case of an Atmósfera’s article.

PDF derived from XML JATS

A new paradigm in the process of scientific edition: We will talk to you about it, it is already a reality. Redalyc generates the PDF of the tagging made in Marcalyc, facilitating the editor’s work and maximizing the communication speed…. Continue Reading →

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