Recommendations of JATS4R

It Is known that the JATS standard allows that the same content can be tagged in different ways, being all valid, which makes the perfect interoperability difficult. This is why the purposes of the recommendations of JATS4R are:

  •  Making the key part of an XML JATS file reusable so that computers, and people, can process, exchange, storage, and recover efficiently the content of scientific articles. 
  •  Minimizing barriers so that contents are reused by the systems that publish them, such as platforms, libraries, repositories, programs, and digital catalogs.

The current recommendations of JATS4R are focused on the use of tags for the tagging of some specific parts of XML JATS files (, such as:

  1. General recommendations: for the XML file general configuration. especially in the declaration of the DTD, DOCTYPE, ?XML-MODEL and codification characters.
  2. References: recommendations on the use of tags in the tagging of references. It is worth mentioning that only two types of references are recommended for their use, journal, and book. It is not recommended to use the type “other”.
  3. Reference of a set of data (Data citations): when the use of this kind of reference is contemplated, recommendations on how to tag it are given, which include: type of author, type of reference, how to tag the year, data version, among others.
  4. Tagging formulas or equations (Math): it is recommended to tag formulas or equations in a detailed way by using the <text-math> or  <mml:math> tags, apart from including the image by using the <graphic> tag. They must not be tagged just as an image.
  5. Permissions: recommendations on the use of licenses and copyright in the full article or parts of the article, for example <license xlink:href=” ” >.

To verify the compliance with the recommendations of JATS4R, the validation method available on its web page ( must be used.