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Dear reader, have you already watched the new intelligent Article Viewer 3.0? Redalyc has developed it from the tagging process with the XML JATS publishing model. This model makes it possible to count on this and other products such as the mobile articles viewer and reading formats such as ePub and HTML. All of this is part of the transition to Redalyc 3.0.

For the moment, the new article viewer 3.0 can only be viewed in the 150 journals that are part of the XML JATS pilot program, whose numbers have been tagged in the Marcalyc tool, also Redalyc technology, and those that are convinced of the advantages of the new publishing model, they have decided to start tagging their articles. In a few months, all of Redalyc journals will have this viewer.

With the new viewer it is possible to navigate through each of the sections of an article without having to go through the entire body of the text, in addition, it allows the user to adjust the size of the font to make reading more comfortable. It presents all the images contained in the article, and allows them to be downloaded and, it is necessary to mention it, makes it possible to use moving images and other audiovisual resources. Later the viewer will be multilingual.

There is no viewer similar to the one developed by Redalyc. It is, without a doubt,  a complete technological revolution and represents, at the same time, a challenge for other information systems. 

You, the reader, are increasingly demanding quality from the products you consume every day, and this is the reason why Redalyc does not stop. Nowadays, products derived from the XML JATS publishing model are being improved. 

Be attentive for the news that Redalyc 3.0 will present.

One model, thousands of editors, multiple platforms.