Facing a worldwide health contingency, the fundamental function of Open Access is authenticated: bringing knowledge to all corners of the world allows science to be accessible, quick, and timely so that its contribution can be reflected in the improvement of human quality of life, in saving lives and in the development of a better society for all. Open Access initiatives such as Redalyc UAEM have been working towards this target for 18 years. 

Nowadays, the alliance with AmeliCA/Redalyc authenticates their commitment to Open Access and keeps developing technology, which is applied now in the semantic dissemination of the published articles in themes of interest in epidemiology, pandemics, and related topics. This will allow its dissemination and make available more than 6 thousand articles in a Linked Open Data (LOD) format to process and interconnect them in the LOD knowledge cloud and offer the reader user navigation and thematic discovery services to consult full texts of this data set.Consult the base here: http://amelica.org/epidemics/