Within Redalyc’s processes, the training and training course to scientific journals’ editors, with the aim of contributing to the professionalization, constitutes one of the more relevant lines of work.

Nowadays, editors not only have the tough task of managing a journal, its administrative management, contacting the authors, ensuring the scientific accuracy of its contents and other functions that this position entails, but also they must have the appropriate theoretical and practical knowledge of new publication technologies, the register or indexing on systems that ensure a bigger and better visibility to the journal, the adaptation of metadata on their reading products, the configuration of the publication platform, etc.

For this, Redalyc carries out many work sessions, diffused online, about topics related to scientific publications that allow editors to go in-depth in their knowledge about various tendencies or techniques aimed at improving processes in their editorial management.

In recent years, various presentations have been made available to the editor. Some examples are:

During 2018, a series of presentations that made up the Permanent Seminar on Open Access Communication was delivered through 13 sessions with national and international guests, where each of them dedicated time to a particular topic on Science Communication. Within the presented topics these are mentioned: Open Access to knowledge, Academic profiles Management, writing and structure of a scientific article, visibility and impact of science, among others.

You can access the video of the first session of this seminar on the following link: here