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XML JATS Redalyc’s proposal to SciELO Collections for unifying efforts

Letter sended to the SciELO Mexico Director  Letter to the SciELO program coordinator

First session of 2017 about the implementation of XML JATS

On April 6, the web session called “Does your journal still not implement XML JATS? See what Redalyc offers you” was held, aimed at journals that have not yet implemented XML JATS and those that already use it but have… Continue Reading →

Know the XML JATS interoperability between SciELO and Redalyc

Available letters in Spanish and English regarding the #XMLJATS interoperability with SciELO. Complete files: EAL-Spanish EAL-English

Second Certification Course: The new electronic publication model and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS Tagging

After the excellent response from the editors of Ibero-American scientific journals, attending the first certification course in XML JATS tagging, a second course is opened in order to show the transition that Redalyc is experiencing towards Redalyc 3.0, with the… Continue Reading →

Redalyc 3.0: A project that does not stop

If it was thought that Redalyc would stop at the novelties that it presented just in last September, the Marcalyc system, and all products that are derived from it, in addition to the transition to Redalyc 3.0, there are some… Continue Reading →

Taking advantage of colors, graphics, and photographs…

In a PDF generated from the Marcalyc tagging in XML JATS, a PDF that takes advantage of original elements of text and maximizes its exposition is generated. The case of an Atmósfera’s article.

PDF derived from XML JATS

A new paradigm in the process of scientific edition: We will talk to you about it, it is already a reality. Redalyc generates the PDF of the tagging made in Marcalyc, facilitating the editor’s work and maximizing the communication speed…. Continue Reading →

I am #RedalycEditor, and I’m interested in obtaining the XML-JATS tagging products, what should I do?

Editors, if you wish to use the Marcalyc system, Redalyc technology, write to editores@redalyc.org, make explicit your desire to exploit the advantages offered by this system and let’s evolve to the journal of the future! There are three important points… Continue Reading →

August 18. 2016: 3rd session of the Certification Course in XML JATS

On the third session of the Certification Course: “The new electronic publishing model and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS tagging”, held on August 18, a detailed analysis of Marcalyc, the tagging tool generated by Redalyc, was made, so that the 675… Continue Reading →

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