The #Marcalyc system, Redalyc technology, will be released on Thursday, September 1 of this year, in the middle of the expectation that it has generated in the almost thousand editors of Latin American scientific journals enrolled in the Certification Course: The new electronic publishing model and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS tagging.

This course was divided into four online sessions, in which the use and advantages of Marcalyc were broadly shown. The response from the editors was magnificent, they have shown their excitement, interest, and willingness to begin exploiting the potential of this system.

There is no doubt: Marcalyc will make it possible that the editor has again the power of the process and of the editorial products.

The liberation event, to be held at the Leopoldo Flores University Museum of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, will be attended by the Rector of the Maximum House of Studies in Mexico, Dr. Jorge Olvera García, the General Director of the Redalyc Scientific Information System, Dr. Eduardo Aguado, the Director of Technology and Innovation, Dr. Arianna Becerril, and the Director of Documentation and Content, Salvador Chávez, as well as guest editors from the state university.

The live event will be broadcasted through UAEMex TV: 11:00 in central Mexico’s time