The training for Redalyc editors who already use or want to start using the XML JATS #Marcalyc Tagging tool have remained constant since its launch in September 2016.

Every day, there is a space from 2 to 3 hours used to attend in a personalized way and online the members of various editorial teams in order to improve and make the most of this tagging system of scientific articles. 

Marcalyc, generates various reading media, such as an intelligent Viewer, Mobile Article Viewer, ePub, HTML, and PDF once the XML JATS tagging process is finished. Downloadable formats: ePub, HTML, and PDF can be placed on the websites of each journal.If you are an editor of a journal indexed in Redalyc and you already have a #Marcalyc account, you can receive training by requesting registration through Where we will gladly assist you!