In the second session of the Certification Course: The new electronic publishing model and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS tagging, held on November 25, a detailed analysis of Marcalyc, the tagging tool generated by Redalyc, was carried out. This had the aim of showing the modules, sections, attributes, and tags that are part of this system and showing, step by step, the procedure to make the tagging of an article.

The graphic explanation of the operation of Marcalyc was in charge of Fernando Rodríguez, Coordinator of the Index of Venezuelan Journals, Revencyt, of the University of Los Andes, Venezuela, and of the teacher Eliana Guzmán, professor of this university, who are doing a research stay in Redalyc.

In this session, it was reiterated that the tagging must observe a logic sequence (first the front is worked, then the back and finally the body), to make available the links and the references and other previously tagged sections, and, at the same time, this linking of elements allows an interactive reading of a scientific article at the end of the process, either on a computer or on a mobile device. 

It was explained that at the end of the elements of an article, only a simple operation must be done: select – drop, since the system will transfer the selected element to the corresponding box. 

It was shown in a graphical way how to tag normal paragraphs, literal quotes, as well as how to insert figures, graphics, charts, equations, and lists. When finishing with the tagging of the selected article, the reading experience allowed by the intelligent viewer was illustrated with examples and various output formats obtained were shown.  

Finally, the questions formulated by the participants were answered.The course concluded with the participation of 160 people of 103 institutions from 15 countries.