The stable version 1.1 of the Marcalyc system, Redalyc technology, is about to be launched.

This version includes different improvements such as the automatic inference of more citation formats, for example, ASA, IEEE, ABNT, ISO 690 and 690-2 (2007 version), and NLM. In addition, this version makes an automatic recognition of identifiers in references and notes inside the article, which facilitates the navigation through the article.

One of the most important changes that are added in this version is the personalization of the language within the intelligent viewer of articles, besides, the same viewer will be shown in the original language in which each article was written. 

It is important to point out that the intelligent viewer shows new elements of the XML JATS standard, apart from being in the HTML, PDF, and ePub files.

Redalyc considers editors as the main allies to make regional scientific communication a competitive and collaborative entity, therefore, for version 1.0 of Marcalyc, editors will be allowed to upload their own PDF, if they wish to. 

In addition, work is being done on a new educational support site for Marcalyc, which includes tutorial videos, videos of the XML JATS certification course, user manual, access to the Marcalyc blog, and a section of frequent questions.

The release of version 1.1 of Marcalyc is scheduled for December 9 of this year. With the development of cutting-edge technology such as the Marcalyc system, Redalyc reaffirms its commitment to the visibility of Ibero-American science. This is Redalyc 3.0. One model, thousands of editors, various platforms.