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Marcalyc | Version 2.0.15

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Redalyc continues to improve the XML JATS tagging tool #Marcalyc is offered without charge to almost the 1,415 scientific journals that it indexes. On its more recent updates, Marcalyc presents the following characteristics: The possibility that the user indicates if the… Continue Reading →

Optimizing the display products generated by Marcalyc

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The pagination was added to the PDF in order to improve the products generated from the XML JATS file obtained from the tagging made with Marcalyc, either for a printed version using the <fpage> and <lpage> tags or for the… Continue Reading →

The XML JATS as a tool of inclusion and consolidation of the Central American journals

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The model of scientific publication in Latin America has been characterized by being Open Access and academy owned. Nevertheless, it is a region that has an unequal participation and contribution in the scientific dialogue since some countries are dominant and… Continue Reading →

Semantic Collection of Ancestral Knowledge of Journals in Redalyc

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Once again, the database allows the creation of the Ancestral Knowledge Collection, using techniques of semantic computing through algorithms that manage thousands of articles and extract  information related to the topics of indigenous knowledge, indigenous villages and cultures, native… Continue Reading →

Knowledge database on epidemics/pandemics of journals in AmeliCA/Redalyc

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Facing a worldwide health contingency, the fundamental function of Open Access is authenticated: bringing knowledge to all corners of the world allows science to be accessible, quick, and timely so that its contribution can be reflected in the improvement of… Continue Reading →

Frequently Asked Questions Marcalyc

How to generate the index.html file of every article? It can be generated by using Microsoft Word©, Adobe InDesign©, Adobe Illustrator© software, or any other that the journal uses to generate the final version of the articles. You can see… Continue Reading →

Marcalyc User Manual

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Dear editor, we put at your disposal the Marcalyc User Manual, Redalyc technology, to facilitate its use in the XML-JATS tagging system. Marcalyc User ManualDownload

The development of the Marcalyc inference Assistant of Redalyc is part of the actions that Redalyc takes on the commitment with the Open Access consolidation and the technological sustainability of this movement, enriching the catalog of products and services that… Continue Reading →

Continuous training to editorial teams of Redalyc journals

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One of the activities that carry out continuously in Redalyc are the face-to-face or online trainings to editors of scientific journals on the use of XML JATS Marcalyc tagging tools. During 2019, 69 online personalized trainings, 10 massive trainings were… Continue Reading →

Presentation of the Marcalyc Inferences Assistant: XML JATS automatic tagging

On January 23rd, through a webinar session, the Marcalyc Inference Assistant was presented: XML JATS automatic tagging. The presentation was in charge of Eliana Guzmán Useche, from the University of the Andes, Venezuela and Daniel Francisco Flores García, from the… Continue Reading →

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