The creation of content of the platform is an activity that summarizes the collaborative work made between the editors of the journals and the Redalyc team (operating, technology development, technical support, etc.) 

Due to the technological transition assumed by in 2016, by adopting the publication of the scientific content model based on XML JATS, the training courses about the use of the tool Marcalyc have become an activity for the continuous support to the editor, betting on their professionalism. Allowing, free of charge, access to cutting-edge technology which optimizes their work while journals achieve the highest standards in quality. 

Despite the pandemic that has affected the daily work throughout the world, the scientific production that is published in specialized journals keeps its progress. And has continued with the necessary technical support to keep the contents of the journals updated in its platform. 

During the year 2020, a total of 61 online training courses for the use of Marcalyc were carried out, from which 58 were personalized and three were attended by various journals, attending a total of 115 scientific journals, represented by 138 members of editorial teams, who decided to use this tool for the processing of their articles in an XML JATS format and the following automatic creation of different reading products.  These journals are edited by 93 academic and scientific institutions from 16 different countries.

In the first trimester of the year 2021, 13 personalized training courses have been carried out to 13 new journals from 13 institutions from 7 countries.

This activity is essential to strengthen the editorial processes of the journals, therefore, commits on keeping its program of training courses on the use of Marcalyc valid and updated. This contributes to the aim of preserving the ecosystem of Non-commercial academy-owned Open Access.

If you are the editor of a journal that is indexed at Redalyc and you already have a user account in Marcalyc, you can receive training courses by registering through the email  We will be pleased to assist you!