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XML JATS Redalyc’s proposal to SciELO Collections for unifying efforts

Letter sended to the SciELO Mexico Director  Letter to the SciELO program coordinator

First session of 2017 about the implementation of XML JATS

On April 6, the web session called “Does your journal still not implement XML JATS? See what Redalyc offers you” was held, aimed at journals that have not yet implemented XML JATS and those that already use it but have… Continue Reading →

Know the XML JATS interoperability between SciELO and Redalyc

Available letters in Spanish and English regarding the #XMLJATS interoperability with SciELO. Complete files: EAL-Spanish EAL-English

Redalyc continues to innovate with the XML JATS Marcalyc tagging tool

Redalyc continues to innovate with Marcalyc. On January 10 of this year, the version 1.1 was released, which recovers the features of previous versions and adds new ones, improving the tagging experience for editors of open access scientific journals. Among… Continue Reading →

Marcalyc stable version 1.0

The stable version 1.1 of the Marcalyc system, Redalyc technology, is about to be launched. This version includes different improvements such as the automatic inference of more citation formats, for example, ASA, IEEE, ABNT, ISO 690 and 690-2 (2007 version),… Continue Reading →

Second and last session of the 2nd certification course in XML JATS in Redalyc

In the second session of the Certification Course: The new electronic publishing model and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS tagging, held on November 25, a detailed analysis of Marcalyc, the tagging tool generated by Redalyc, was carried out. This had the… Continue Reading →

Second certification course: The new electronic publication model and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS tagging

On November 24, the first session of the second XML JATS certification web course was carried out by Redalyc, in which Arianna Becerril, Director of Technology and Innovation and Salvador Chávez, Director of Documentation and Content of Redalyc described the… Continue Reading →

Second Certification Course: The new electronic publication model and Redalyc 3.0: XML JATS Tagging

After the excellent response from the editors of Ibero-American scientific journals, attending the first certification course in XML JATS tagging, a second course is opened in order to show the transition that Redalyc is experiencing towards Redalyc 3.0, with the… Continue Reading →

New intelligent article viewer 3.0, Redalyc technology

Dear reader, have you already watched the new intelligent Article Viewer 3.0? Redalyc has developed it from the tagging process with the XML JATS publishing model. This model makes it possible to count on this and other products such as… Continue Reading →

Redalyc 3.0: A project that does not stop

If it was thought that Redalyc would stop at the novelties that it presented just in last September, the Marcalyc system, and all products that are derived from it, in addition to the transition to Redalyc 3.0, there are some… Continue Reading →

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