One of the activities that are carried out continuously in Redalyc is  face-to-face or online training to editors of scientific journals on the use of XML JATS Marcalyc tagging tool.

During 2019, 69 online personalized training courses 10 massive trainings were carried out. In addition, 3 face-to-face training courses where 260 people of 171 journals from 21 countries around the world were instructed. 

In the training spaces, the members of each journal are guided in the process of XML JATS tagging of their articles in the Marcalyc system that has recently integrated two new tools that further optimize the editorial work: the software for the import/export of Marcalyc-AmeliCA XML to OJS, a development of Redalyc and AmeliCA and the Marcalyc Inference Assistant: Automatic XML JATS tagging.

The software for the import/export of Marcalyc/AmeliCA XML to OJS allows, from the XML tagging, to automatically generate PDF, ePUB, HTML files and export them with a couple of clicks to OJS, reducing costs and time to support the Open Access journals without APC. On the other hand, the Marcalyc Inference Assistant optimizes the XML tagging process of the articles of each journal, which translates into significant savings in human and financial resources for the editorial teams, a condition that favors the comprehensive transition of journals to the digital age, in addition to encouraging an ecosystem of non-commercial, sustainable communication and academy-owned.

These last two developments for Marcalyc, in conjunction with the constant training and approach with the editorial teams of Redalyc journals, maintains an open and dynamic communication space, betting on the professionalization of editors by providing them, free of charge, cutting-edge technology that optimizes their work, while the journals reach the highest quality standards. 

Marcalyc, once the XML JATS tagging process is finished, generates various reading media, such as an intelligent Viewer, Mobile Article Viewer, ePub, HTML and PDF. Downloadable formats: ePub, HTML and PDF can be placed on the websites of each journal.

If you are an editor of a journal indexed in Redalyc and you already have a #Marcalyc account, you can train yourself by requesting registration through We will gladly assist you!

All of this has the aim of preserving the ecosystem of Open Access non-commercial and academy-owned.